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Poster Dimensions:

Posters will be standard size 70x100 cm, vertical. For tips on poster layouts check out these helpful websites:

Poster printing service

Pdf is the only format accepted; no editing or proofreading work will be provided.

Pdf files must be sent by 30 of June to Any change (new version sent) after that date will involve costs of a new print.

Please check carefully the size and the quality of the poster and in particular of the images before sending us the file. We are not responsible for errors or low quality artwork included in the original pdf files.

Posters will be available at the reception desk at your arrival at the congress; authors are responsible for collecting and placing them on the appropriate supports.

In case the authors won’t be present at the congress:

- their posters won’t be displayed;

- no reimbursement will be provided for printed posters;

- posters will not be shipped to the authors and will be stored for a maximum of 3 months after the congress at the University of Lisbon.

Available paper types and prices:

Poster 70x100 cm; paper 90g/m2            25 euros

Poster 70x100 cm; paper 180g/m2          30 euros

Poster 70x100 cm; photo paper matte     36.5 euros


Prepayment required, please click here.

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